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DMAIC's Key Performance Indicator (KPI) consulting services aim to give you the confidence that your business is utilising the correct KPIs, Dashboards, Scorecards, or Strategies for success. Our consultants tailor the KPI and management information strategy to each client’s unique needs. Our team are highly experienced in this area and can address the following areas for your business:

  • Development of meaningful KPIs
  • Evaluation and improvement of existing KPIs
  • Ensure objectives and KPIs are aligned with business strategy
  • Improvement of communication and team focus on desired results
  • Design of dashboards and reports that enable methodical data-driven decision making
  • Ensure performance management meetings and projects remain strategy-focused

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DMAIC's consultants have the ability to help you develop and implement KPIs and a measurement strategy.

Successful development of KPIs requires an in depth understanding of what to measure, how to measure it, how to analyse and interpret the data and how to report the outcomes to your teams in order to translate the data into better results and performance.

In short a good KPI strategy should allow you to use the information you gather to make better decisions.


Already have some KPIs in place?

In our experience some companies measure a vast array of KPI's, which defeats the purpose and makes management less effective.

The reasoning behind KPIs is to drive action that affects results.

DMAIC's team can ensure that you are using the correct data that ensures you can effectively focus your energy on the areas of your business where you want to effect change.


DMAIC consultants can assess your KPIs to ensure that they are:

  • Key Drivers that have a major impact on the performance of the business
  • A handful of numbers that give the owner a top level overview of the business
  • Effective in identifying weaknesses in processes or products that need attention
  • A useful tool in enabling management to act quickly to drive the business forward

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