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Business Process Improvement
  • Process mapping, process analysis, process redesign, process standardisation
  • Business Process Management
  • High level Business Requirements definition
Performance Support
  • Writing Policies, Procedures (SOPs), and Work Instructions
  • Data Capture analysis & design
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance support systems
Operational Improvement
  • Operational efficiency
  • Plant maintenance analyses
  • Supervisory effectiveness
  • Time and motion analyses
  • Shift structure and work volume analyses
  • Operational system analysis / implementation
Change Management
  • High level change Roadmap
  • Quick Wins campaigns
  • Implementation of new processes, systems, structures, and controls
  • Management & Supervisory training and support
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • Continuous Improvement


DMAIC Process Improvement Northern Ireland Business

All companies rely on business processes to function. Business processes are the blueprint through which business activities are achieved. 

In short, business processes break down common business activities into a series of distinct, repeatable tasks in hopes of achieving greater consistency and reliability. Thus, the need for business processes to be clear, efficient and adaptable cannot be overstated. 

The team at DMAIC can help bring clarity and definition to your current processes whilst identifying opportunities for improvement, offering your business the following benefits:

  • Your workforce will have an end-to-end view of processes, rather than a siloed functional view
  • All of your corporate knowledge captured in a Business Process Management tool
  • Pain points (e.g. workarounds, bottlenecks, manual handling) identified
  • Critical business requirements defined
  • Processes mapped, analysed and improved – future state processes developed, using ideas from the experience of your employees, our knowledge of best practice and what others in your industry are doing well
  • Creates the potential to introduce a technological solution to your business to automate processes
  • Framework in place for on-going continuous improvement
  • Qualitative and quantitative benefits understood for a business case for change
  • Your employees feel engaged and excited about the improvements
  • Senior team aligned


Improved Throughput

Throughput is the number 1 metric for assessing the quality of your production line.

Not just an important metric, but the most important metric.

In business-bottom-line terms, throughput is the difference between:

  • Meeting your production goals and missing your targets
  • Having a competitive advantage and falling behind
  • Keeping your customers and losing them to someone who can produce more / better / faster

Reduced Operating Costs

A key objective in what DMAIC consultants deliver is to assist management in determining how reduced cost can be achieved without significantly affecting the business’s ability to compete.

Reduced cost, if achieved sustainably, and without damage to operations or competitiveness, will result in:

  • Better margin
  • Improved cash flow
  • Overall sustainability
  • Efficiently managed operations
  • Increased competitive strength

Transfer of Business Knowledge

Companies tend to rely on individual employees to have a thorough understanding of any particular process. But changes in workforce make this an inefficient, and potentially costly, model. As employees retire, transfer or take employment elsewhere, the knowledge they’ve gained goes with them, leaving the company with a significant gap.

Business Process Mapping practices offer a solution to this problem. Due to a well-documented process map of each workflow, company knowledge can be recorded, archived and shared with other members of the workforce. This knowledge can then be used in the training and orientation of successive employees, with the hope of reducing the level of disruption that shifts in workforce can create.


Process Mapping & Improvement means that each task is executed the way it was planned and designed.

Identical problems are addressed the same way and there is no need to reinvent the wheel, even if roles do change. 

This means every process is:

  • Clearly Defined
  • Consistent
  • Repeatable
  • Transferable
  • Increased competitive strength

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